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Why didn’t I see the internet plans I expected for my address?

To help you find the best plan easily, we run an address search to identify which internet connection types are available in your area. Once we have this information, we focus on the best connection for you and disable the other options by default.

For example, if your area has the NBN, we’ll filter out ADSL2+ and Cable broadband plans to give you a cleaner view of what is available. But these connections types can be added back into the results.

If you would prefer to see an internet technology that has been disabled, click on the ‘Show All Filters’ button, then select the ‘Connections’ tab and reactivate the connection type that you’re looking for.

Our address search for articles taps into a number of sources to discover which types of internet are available in your area. We’re confident that this information is accurate for a majority of addresses, but in some instances the the search might not be spot on. 

Also, we can’t identify whether ports are available at your local telephone exchange, so our search may include providers who can’t provide you with a service until a port has been made available.

We’re working constantly to make improvements to our search tools, so if you have any difficulties we’d love to hear from you. 

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