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Do I need a landline for Broadband?

With the rapid growth in mobile phone ownership, many Aussies looking for home broadband are determined to find plans that do not include phone line rental.

It makes sense, if you’re not going to use a home phone service, why bother paying for home line rental? But this overlooks the fact that ADSL2+ broadband requires an active phone line to work at all.

It’s important to separate the two concepts. Paying for line rental doesn’t mean you are paying for a home phone service. Line rental covers the cost of keeping the copper line active and doesn’t include call costs or handset rental fees. It is just a necessary part of signing up for ADSL broadband.

So yes, you do need to pay line rental, but no, you don’t need a landline phone service.
The good news is that many providers bundle the cost of line rental into broadband plans now, so the cost of line rental is basically invisible. Many providers also include a free phone service too, which you might find is handy to have if you have a family with kids too young to own a mobile phone.

What about Naked broadband?
The alternative to paying line rental for ADSL broadband is opting for a Naked DSL service instead. Naked DSL still uses the copper phone line to deliver the internet to your house, but the phone number is removed from the connection, so no one has to pay Telstra for the rental.

Naked DSL came into vogue at the end of the last decade with the promise of making broadband connections cheaper while continuing to offer the same speed and service as a regular ADSL2+ service.

But these days, there is very little difference in the price of ADSL2+ and Naked DSL plans. As we mentioned above, many providers absorb the cost of line rental on ADSL2+ plans and bundle it together into a single monthly price.


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