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What is Fetch TV?

Fetch TV is a Pay TV service which gives you access to a number of TV channels, movies to stream or rent and apps, like Netflix. You can also connect a TV antenna to watch free-to-air broadcasts. 

The Fetch TV set-top box has TV tuners and a hard drive built-in, meaning you can record TV and download movies to watch later. You can use the TV Guide to find upcoming shows and series-link programs to record every episode as they broadcast.

Most of the features of Fetch TV require a broadband connection, so you'll need a broadband plan with plenty of data, or one through a Fetch TV partner than does not count Fetch TV downloads against your monthly limit.

The starter pack subscription costs $10 per month. Adding the entertainment pack costs an extra $15 per month, and includes channels like MTV, National Geographic, The History Channel, ESPN and BBC World News.

For more information, read our comparison: Foxtel vs Fetch TV.

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