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How much mobile data do I need?

With most plans now offering unlimited calls and SMS, it is likely your phone plan decision will come down to how much data is included. But how much do you need?

This answer will vary from person to person, but as a general rule, we'd suggest starting with 1.5GB and working up. Australians currently use an average of 1.1GB per month, and you'll be surprised how quickly you can reach this limit.

If you plan on streaming music regularly, choose a plan with 3GB or more. Spotify uses about 60MB per hour, so try and estimate how many hours of music you listen to each week and work back.

Streaming video, like YouTube, chews through a lot more. You'll likely to use 200MB or more if you stream video for an hour. A plan with 5GB plus is your best bet, but even then you'll want to keep an eye on your limits.

For detailed info, check out our guide: How Much Mobile Data Do You Need?

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