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What do I need to get Foxtel?

Foxtel is delivered in two ways: as a broadcast signal over cable or by satellite, and on-demand content delivered over a broadband connection. 

Every Foxtel customer is sent a set-top box and a technician will come to your home to install the service. 

Once the set-top box is connected to the broadcast service (the technician takes care of this) you have the option to connect the box to your broadband router for on-demand movies and TV. 

On-demand refers to shows which are streamed over the internet, which you can choose to watch whenever you like, hence the name. Foxtel on-demand content is a mixture of catch-up shows from its broadcast offering, or movie rentals which cost extra. Note: you can only download catch-up shows for channels that you subscribe to.

If you'd like to see which channels you get with Foxtel, take a look at our comparison chart for the different Foxtel packages


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