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What is streaming TV and how does it work?

Streaming TV is on everyone's mind with the huge rise in popularity of services like Netflix, Presto and Stan. It may look like regular TV, but streaming TV has several key differences.

The term Streaming TV (also known as IPTV or Streaming Video On Demand) covers any service which streams videos over the web. YouTube is probably the best known example, and services like Netflix are not really that different (apart from less cat videos and people hurting themselves).

You don't need any special hardware to use a streaming TV service, just a computer and a web browser, or a device with a dedicated app, like a gaming console or smart TV. You'll need a subscription to login which will cost about $10 per month.

You also need an internet plan with enough data to handle the file downloads. The popular streaming services use about 1.5GB per movie, on average, so you need to be prepare to have enough data each month.

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