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Why do I need a home phone line?

A home phone line is an essential part of the way ADSL broadband works. The internet is delivered to your home using the copper phone lines from the local telephone exchange to your house, and these lines need to be active for your broadband connection.

To keep an active phone line you need to rent the service. You can either rent it as a bundled service from your internet service provider, or separately from a company that supplies your home phone service.

This does not mean you need to have a home phone and pay for home phone calls, though. 

The WhistleOut search engine allows you to filter broadband plans to only see those plans that include phone line rental bundled into the monthly cost. Use the Bundle Options filter and select Phone Line, to see these plans.

You can also choose to see plans that include a home phone and phones calls.

Alternatively, you can choose Naked DSL broadband instead. Naked DSL is a very similar service to regular ADSL2+, but you don't need to have active phone line to use it.

Check out Naked DSL plans here.

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