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I need WiFi in my house. How do I get it?

Internet services are full of annoying, confusing jargon, but there are a few definitions that are important to clear up before you start shopping for an internet connection.

WiFi isn't an internet service that you pay for, it is the name given to the technology that shares your internet connection around your home.

If you think of it like your water utilities, then the broadband service is the water running along the pipes to your house, and WiFi is the sprinkler system sharing the water with the plants in your garden.

Your options for broadband services are limited by what is available at your address. When you visit a service provider's website you will find an address checker which will help you discover what your options are.

Possible fixed-line broadband services in Australia:

  • ADSL2+
  • Naked DSL
  • Cable broadband
  • NBN

Once you have one of these services connected to your house you use a WiFi router to share the connection with your laptops, tablets and phones.

Now that this is cleared up, it is time to start searching for a broadband plan. Head over to our plan finder tool to find the best plan for your home.

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